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Last Updated on 29th September 2022

This term of use page is a binding contract between the website and the user. The user is requested to read the terms of use carefully before using our services.

The users may use our website to research various educational programs, seek admissions, get their queries resolved and provide suggestions. The user needs to provide certain personal information to have access to our detailed guide. The guide provided by us is a detailed brochure of various programs and universities that might help the audience looking for educational information.

In order to be a part of community, we expect the global users to follow proper channels of research and not indulge  intrusive or malicious behavior. In return for our commitment of true, open, safe and inclusive service to our clients, we expect our users to follow the standard terms of use stated here.  If you disagree with any of the terms mentioned in this policy, you may not access the service.

By using our website you agree not to breach any code of conduct and abide by the terms of use and privacy policy of our website.

  • By downloading the guide you agree not to use our guide as a marketing material or for unlawful, misleading and fraudulent purposes.
  • Misuse of any information provided by the website infringes upon others’ rights and may even include intellectual Property Rights.
  • You agree not to use abusive or offensive language while communicating with our customer support. This may lead to suspension of any service that we provide to you.
  • You agree not to impersonate as a professional and use our guide for any unfair means, whatsoever.
  • You agree not to defame or use our website with false intentions.
  • You agree not to use our messages or emails and transmit them as spam to any other person.
  • You agree not to create multiple accounts or provide false information in order to mislead the support professionals.
  • You agree not to provide misleading or false information while giving suggestions or looking for a solution to any query.
  • You agree not to modify any information provided on the website without prior consultation with the website’s customer support.
  • You agree not to use the service provided by the host domain or its sister domains for any commercial use.
  • You agree not to hack or use virus related browsers or links to have internal access to the website.
  • The sales, promotions, use and sponsorship of any page taken from our website must be duly cited on the website, research paper or any other medium where it is used.
  • Use of our content without citations would be treated as per the rules of the Copyright Act.
  • The information provided on the website is for informational purposes only. The website is not liable for any promises or information that the user infers as false.
  • The information on the website will be updated regularly and cannot be held liable if it fails to update any information in due course of time.

Day1CPT Terms And Conditions welcomes you to our page. By using our website, you are governed to abide by certain terms and conditions of our website.

These terms and conditions outline the various regulations that the user is expected to accept and follow. Using our services means that the user is bound by the terms and conditions, terms of use and the privacy policy of the website. In case the user does not agree with the terms and conditions or any part of the terms and conditions, terms of use and the privacy policy, the user may opt-out of our services.

The terms and conditions page expects the user to follow the privacy policy and the terms of use of this website responsibly. The user is expected to follow all the rules and not be involved in any misconduct related to the website.

The term ‘service’ used here refers to the blogs, links, consultation, professional advice, and website information provided by us. To have access to some of the services, the user needs to provide personal information.

The website reserves the right to collect certain personal information as stated in the privacy policy. By using our services, downloading the guide, providing suggestions and looking for a solutions to queries, the clients agree to provide their personal information. This personal information may be used to send regular updates and communicate with the user for resolving their queries and for the admission process. The user can stay assured that the personal information provided to us will not be shared by any third party organization seeking to promote their product

On agreeing to use our services, the user grants access to the host website and its sister domains namely and others to communicate or contact them.

Use of the content of our website on other blogs, papers, and websites must be duly attributed, cited and hyperlinked as mentioned in the privacy policy.  

The website cannot be held liable or responsible for any errors in the content posted. The user must verify the content in case of any discrepancy, with a professional. We do not endorse any statements made by third-party users.

The user must not misuse or make available any content that you do not have the authority to make available.

Use of any virus or computer codes designed to destruct or disrupt the functionality of our website would be treated at par under law.

If you are using this website on behalf of any company, entity, or an organization, then you have the authority to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of that company, entity or organisation.

The use of the blog or services provided by the website does not make the user the owner of the content.

By accepting our terms, you agree not to impersonate an individual of our website, forge any information or manipulate users.  We have the complete right to suspend the service of any user, without any intimation, notice or liability, who fails to abide by the terms of our service.

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