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Higher education and excelling in your field is the requirement of our futuristic society and studying in the USA is a dream that many students have. Pursuing a course in the USA is a dream come true for many, but it requires heavy financial backing to support your stay. To acquire an F1 student visa, one needs to show all possible documents to prove financial stability. Not all can prove strong financial background, and thus student loans come to the rescue. They work as a last resort for those who wish to procure an F1 student visa and get on with their course in the USA. This blog will provide you with details of student loan options.

What is an International Student Loan?

Student loans are popular with international students studying in the US. International student loans are now a very accurate and genuine means to sponsor education in the USA. Loans are a flexible approach to continue with studies. International student loan companies can offer loan amounts high enough to fund the entire education. Interest rates and charges differ with each lender. 

Some of the best companies offering help with international student loans are-

1. Mpower Financing (

Mpower Financing works with investors and universities to provide financing products to students from around the world.  They work to help students with educational, specialized, and financial accomplishments. Nerdwallet has rated Mpower 4.5/5 for its services. They charge a fixed APR of 7.52 – 14.98%. 

They help students with the following services-

  • Educational loans
  • Immigration support
  • Scholarships
  • Job search

2. Ascent (

Ascent works to provide access to education to millions of students. They believe that education is a venture that takes students to multiple levels and fields. They aim to empower students of all economic backgrounds and disciplines to maximize their potential. Nerdwallet has rated Ascent 5/5 for its services. They charge a fixed APR from 3.27-12.16%. 

3. Lendkey (

Lendkey provides the opportunity to borrowers to finance their goals with lower interest rates from various loan-providing institutions. Nerdwallet has rated Ascent 4.5/5 for its services. They charge a fixed APR ranging from 2.95-7.63%. 

4. Prodigy Finance (

Prodigy Finance’s advanced model measures the potential of scholars to increase their probabilities of obtaining loans. They work with alumni, investors, and other private qualified individuals who fund tomorrow’s learners whilst earning a financial and social return. They provide variable APR starting from 5.6%. 

5. Stilt (

Stilt assists in getting an easy international loan in 4 simple steps. Their average APR begins from 7.99%. They ensure that the student’s profile is holistic and caters to the needs of the students looking for an international student loan.   

6. Discover (

The Discover student loans help in getting easy student loans. It was launched in 2007 to assist students struggling to get loans to pursue higher education. It offers flexible repayment options. Nerdwallet has rated Discover 4.5/5. It has a fixed APR ranging from 4.24-12.59%. 


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