5 reasons why a Data Science degree matters in 2023

Data Science Degree

5 reasons why a Data Science degree matters 

‘Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.’

The above quote by Tim Berners Lee holds in today’s era of digitalization. At the time when computers became a part of our life, data became a part too. Everything starting from how we shop, and search for products to exploring the internet for all our purposes involves data.

Data has become a significant part of our life. The future of this data depends on how we manage it and do not let it overpower us. Managing data of the ever-growing world population, where each personality is different and dependent upon computers and the internet for smooth functioning of their life, is not a walk in the park. It requires specialization and this is where the role of data scientist comes into being.

The demand for data science courses has been increasing in the past few years. If we look at the pace at the world is developing and growing, the demand will grow in the coming years too. But before we discuss the role of data science courses in the coming years, let us introduce you to data science.

What is Data Science?

Data science as a stream deals with management, analysis, and careful exploration and transformation of data to use it for certain purposes. It involves advanced algorithms and scientific processes to benefit the company and at the same time provide a quality user experience. If we look at global market leaders like Amazon, Netflix, Myntra, Paytm, etc. we will find that all the companies use data as a resource to give the user the best possible experience. Efficient use of user data in a controlled way is the key to a bright future for data scientists.

Who are Data Scientists?

The work of a data scientist involves analyzing, and evaluating enormous volumes of raw complex data and processing it to find the best possible pattern for the company to increase its user base. Data scientists work with consulting teams of the company and play a role in the decision-making process. They identify ways and techniques based on data available to increase the client base and build up the company. They formulate programming and analytical programs which are best suited for the user and the company.

Reasons why data science is the future

  • High-end demand

The biggest reason for the data science course becoming a favoured choice among youngsters is that data science is the way forward. Because of growing digitalization and our dependence on computers and the internet for everything we do, data scientists will always be needed for statistical analysis. For any organization, they can examine the large user data sets, examine the problems and prepare sales-marketing strategies to address the problem. Data scientists help the organization understand the mindset of their customers, connect with them in a personalized way, address problems and build life-long customers through feedback.

  • Scope for growth

The work of a data scientist is not just restricted to analyzing data for the company. It involves exploring various fields and working with different departments and taking up various roles. With the new privacy rules in circulation, it has become very important to organize and understand data responsibly. Thus, data scientist gets a lot of opportunities to widen their horizons and come up with new ideas. Data science is not just restricted to certain fields like shopping, social media, booking tickets, etc. It is involved in every aspect of our digital life. The COVID-19 pandemic has also created a new area of growth involving research, the medical sector, vaccine making, and distribution, etc.

  • Organizing large data sets

If we look at the way the world is evolving, we will find that in the last five years more than 6,40,000 people have used internet services for the first time. (source-https://ourworldindata.org/internet)
The world population is increasing at an uncontrollable pace and one can only imagine how much data is available and will be available in the coming years. Organizing this data responsibly is very important as we have to keep certain datasets safe and untouched due to privacy issues. One wrong move can land the company in trouble. Thus, demand for data scientists is bound to grow as they are our only hope for a responsible and safe future.

  • Opportunities for massive transformation

The field of data science is progressing every day. It has further been divided into various fields which were once a part of it. Machine learning, data architect, hybrid learning, business intelligence developer, statistician, etc. in the coming years, the field of data science will surely be diversified into multitudes of fields as the market is dynamic and is changing even as we speak. The trends clearly show that augmented analytics, predictive analytics, blockchain analysis etc. will further diversify the head of data science. Thus, if you decide to take up data science as a course, stay assured that you have a bright future with various prospects to learn and grow.

  • A promising future with a good pay

Data science is the future. There is no doubt about this. The demand for data scientists is increasing. Almost every company is looking for a qualified data scientist. Thus, the jobs are increasing. Since it involves detailed analytic study and experience to become a professional who can deal with any problem, the pay offered is also great.

According to Payscale, data scientists in India earn around 7 lakhs a year. (Source- https://www.payscale.com/research/IN/Job=Data_Scientist%2C_IT/Salary )

Whereas in the USA, the expected salary is around $97,000. (Source- https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Data_Scientist/Salary )

The pay scale increases with experience. So be assured that data scientists have a very promising future.


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