Interview Tips for an F1 visa

Interview Tips for your F1 Visa

Interview tips for an F1 VISA

‘When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts.’-BO Bennett

This quote stands true in modern times when it comes to cracking an interview. Cracking an interview is a lengthy process of preparing oneself for rigorous grilling, which makes one different from the rest of the candidates. 

But when it comes to applying for an F1 visa, one needs to go an extra mile in terms of preparation. Before we move ahead to some surprising interview tips to clear the F1 visa interview, let us apprise you with details of what is F1 visa.

What is an F1 visa?

An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to international students, who wish to pursue education in the U.S.  

After getting enrolled in the university of one’s choice and completing all the other requirements, the next and final step is to apply for an F1 visa. Everything that the student does or says has an impact on the officer who decides whether to grant the F1 visa status. So, before you get your pulse racing, let us provide you with some of the tips to successfully clear the F1 VISA interview.

1.     Collection of documents

 It is very important to ensure that you carry original copies of all the required documents for verification. Carry all the below-mentioned documents-

  • An authentic passport with an extended stay duration of up to 6 months.
  • Form I-20 is issued by the selected college/university.
  • Form DS-160 (Non-immigrant application)
  • SEVIS Fee receipt
  • Passport size photo (recent)
  • Bank statement of at least the last three years.
  • ITR of the last two to three years.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of the Residential Address
  • Medical Certificate
  • Score sheet of any authorised standardised exam like TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS etc.
  • Academic transcripts, previous degrees or certificates, work experience certificate.

For detailed information about the F1 visa and the application process for an F1 visa, refer to the link of another article …(F1 Visa-All You Need to Know)

2.    Preparation

 The key to any successful interview is confidence and preparation. Once you have procured all the documents, it is important to prepare yourself for some questions which you need to answer confidently and diligently. The type of questions can be broadly divided into two types- standard questions and portfolio-specific questions.

Some of the questions that can be asked during an interview for an F1 visa are-

  • What is the reason for selecting the U.S as an educational destination?
  • What are your expectations after completing your program?
  • Where do you wish to reside after successful completion of the course?
  • What are your plans, in case your visa is not accepted?
  • What were your criteria to select the particular university for your course?
  • What are the career prospects of the course you have chosen?
  • Do you wish to settle in the U.S after course completion?
  • Provide details about the university you have selected.
  • How strong is your financial backing?

These are some of the questions that can be asked during an F1 visa interview. Prepare for such types of questions well in advance. Keep a clear picture in your mind about certain important questions. Be true while answering all the questions, as officers have years of experience and can filter out liars very quickly. A mind ready with all the answers in advance can surely convince the officer-in-charge to consider you for the application.

3.    Be confident

It is important to be confident while attending an interview for an F1 visa. It is all about answering the questions truly and confidently. Don’t be overconfident, for it may lead to errors, which may hamper the approval process. Be calm and keep all the documents ready to support your explanation.

4.    Be precise

Don’t feel confused with the flood of questions asked during the F1 visa interview. There is no need to present stories and try to manipulate the listener. Answer the questions precisely, for there is very limited time given to each candidate looking for an F1 visa. Try to answer the questions asked by the official briskly and concisely.

5.    Be proficient in English.

Practice English speaking (if not fluent) before appearing for the interview. The U.S is an English-speaking country. The official would be looking for English speaking skills as it is a necessity to live comfortably in the U.S.

6.    Talk about your cultural identity and belongingness.

If a question is asked related to your culture and your country, talk openly. Express positive feelings about your country and how you wish to be a contributing member to the welfare of your country. Talk about respect for your culture and your genuine belief in your culture.

7.    Be true

The interviewing official is highly proficient in filtering the best candidate. Do not try to make up stories, which you don’t believe and cannot prove with your documents. Be true to yourself and the interviewer.

8.    Stay positive

Being optimistic is the key to being confident. Stay positive and don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgement. Try not to feel pressured.

9.    Be clear that you would be back in your country

It is frequently asked whether you would like to come back to your country. Be clear that you look forward to completing the formalities after completing the course and coming back to your birthplace. Keep a few thoughts in mind to corroborate your view about returning to the country.   

All that is required to succeed is skill and patience. Keep practising and follow the tips. You will find that it is a smooth ride to the country of your dreams. 


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