Why you need a Day 1 CPT Master’s Program

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Why you need a Day 1 CPT Master’s Program

Practical Training while still pursuing a degree is a great way for a student to gather actual professional experience that compliments not only their degree but also shows what the practical side of things looks like. Moreover, work experience alongside a degree gives candidates applying for any role in the future, a much better chance of securing an interview and a job. 

This is mainly what a CPT (Curricular Practical Training) Master’s Program offers. A Day 1 CPT allows a student pursuing a specific degree in a university, to participate in practical training from their very first day of enrollment. It is an alternative work/study, internship, cooperative education or another type of required internship or practicum that a sponsoring employer offers through an agreement with a student’s school. To read about Day 1 CPT in detail, you can visit our blog here

A Day 1 CPT allows an international student to make the best of their opportunity of being in the US with a focus not only on their degree but also on practical training in an international company. There are various benefits that a student can tap into with a Day 1 CPT Master’s Program, as listed below: 

Day 1 CPT allows you to gain hands-on experience

Once given an authorized CPT, a student can pursue their degree while also gaining actual professional experience. It allows a student to apply their academic curriculum in a professional work environment, and hence, they gain the necessary hands-on experience to learn the practical side of things and be successful. 

However, many universities limit the use of CPT to summer and in-between terms, which limits the opportunities and ability to gain additional work experience to its fullest extent.

On the other hand, day 1 CPT schools or programs are structured in a way where work experience is integral to the program and students can utilize Day 1 CPT to work from the very first day of the program instead of waiting until the last term before graduation to gain experience. 

CPT also is beneficial, if you have utilized OPT (Optional Practical Training) and would like to pursue a first or second master’s, you can continue to do so via CPT wherein you continue working via CPT while they earn their master’s degree.

Day 1 CPT showcases your skill to multitask 

Upon completion of your degree when you return to your home country, work experience in an international company is a huge added advantage when you are looking at work opportunities.

If you have gained actual experience with the use of CPT, you will have a dual advantage of not only a US degree from an international university but along with it, work experience in an American office, which is a great plus. This also shows your potential employer your ability to not only successfully multitask but also your ability to work in a diverse cultural setting. 

Moreover, many companies have offices throughout the world and being able to work or intern in a US office while you are earning your degree gives you a greater possibility to be able to secure employment with the same company, if they have a location in your home country. 

Students with Day 1 CPT can take up to 6 credits

Another benefit of Day 1 CPT programs is that typically they require students who opt for Day 1 CPT  to take 6 credits per term versus 9 or 12 credits for students who do not opt for CPT. This is to allow students the time necessary required to utilize CPT while they study. It allows them to focus equally on their practical training along with their degree as taking 9 credits and working at the same time could be hard for some students and may hinder their performance in both areas.


A great way to stand out in future opportunities

A survey conducted in 2017 by NACE’s Job Outlook showed that nearly 91 per cent of employers prefer that their candidates have work experience. 

HIRING PREFERENCE20172016201520142013
I prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience64.5%64.2%72.5%74.1%71.0%
I prefer to hire candidates with any type of work experience (it doesn’t matter if it’s relevant or not, just some type of experience)26.1%27.0%20.1%20.7%19.9%
Work experience doesn’t typically factor into my decision when hiring a new college graduate5.1%6.3%3.9%1.1%4.8%

Source: Job Outlook 2017, National Association of Colleges and Employers

Employers are looking for candidates with work experience; gaining one from an international company adds credibility to your resume. It shows your potential as an asset to the future of the company. Moreover, it also shows your skill to adapt to work in a completely different environment. 

A Day 1 CPT Master’s Program allows you to make the best of your opportunity of gaining international experience in more ways than one.

In case of further queries about Day 1 CPT, you can check our detailed FAQs here. You can also check the best Day 1 CPT Master’s Program 2021 here



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